Winter Collection
Favourites Gift Box - Option 1
  • SKU 106369

A shiny gold Winter Favourites Gift Box. Filled with festive shaped shortbreads, 3 baton chocolate, milk hot chocolate spoon and eco kraft cube chocolate discs.

This gift box comes branded with a shiny wrap to the outside.

Shipping to individual addresses is available, please enquire for information.

Made in the UK using sustainably sourced materials.

Boxes are available in Shiny Gold, Santa Red, Christmas Green or Festive Kraft.

Lead time
2 weeks
Filling quantity
4 items inside
Product dimensions
215 x 100 x 70mm
  1. Hot Chocolate Spoon - Info Card
  2. Walkers Festive Shaped Shortbreads
  3. Chocolate Bar - 3 Baton
  4. Chocolate Discs - Eco Kraft Cube

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